Forensic Science Service staff from Huntingdon lose jobs

Fifty-two staff at the Forensic Science Service in Cambridgeshire have lost their jobs, the BBC has been told.

Workers from the service's volume crime department in Huntingdon were told on Wednesday.

The redundancies come after the Government announced last year the service will close by 2012.

A further 50 staff from service's homicide and violence department on the site are also set to lose their jobs next month.

'Tragic' claim

John Page, from the union Prospect, which represents about 1,000 workers at FSS labs, said: "The last vestiges of what was once the best forensic science provider in the world are disappearing very rapidly now.

"By the end of December there will be very, very few forensic scientists left in the organisation.

"It's tragic that an entire generation of experienced forensic scientists have been consigned to the scrapheap."

The Forensic Science Service was unavailable for comment on Wednesday.

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