'Blue' baby safely delivered by Cambridgeshire PCSOs

A woman has thanked two PCSOs who helped deliver her baby when she went into labour in the back of a car in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Sam Dyer and Donna Thompson called an ambulance for Inga Munkova, 26, from King's Lynn, but they quickly realised there was a problem.

The baby girl was "a bluish colour" and the umbilical cord was around her neck.

Ms Thompson managed to unhook the cord and the baby was safely delivered five minutes before paramedics arrived.

Miss Munkova, originally from Latvia, was being driven to hospital in Peterborough when she went into labour.

"I didn't have time to panic but my husband was very concerned," she said.

"In my home country we would go into hospital much earlier so I thought maybe this was normal for England."

'Very surreal'

Ms Thompson, who has no medical training, said: "I'm a mother of four, so I told her that and it helped to keep her calm."

She then helped Miss Munkova to breathe through her contractions as she began to give birth, while Mr Dyer radioed for assistance.

When she realised the baby's breathing was restricted, she managed to untangle the umbilical cord.

Ms Thompson then cleaned out the baby's mouth and rubbed her back.

"The baby started to cry and turned a lovely pink colour," she said.

"It was all very fast and very surreal - and it was quite emotional in the end.

"I just went into autopilot," she explained. "I wouldn't want to do it every day but it was great, and what a Christmas present."

Miss Munkova said she was very grateful to the PCSOs and happy to be enjoying Christmas at home with her new baby.

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