Refund for stolen lorry recovery in Cambridgeshire

A man who paid £400 to recover his stolen lorry has received a refund.

Mark Channell paid Aldridge Recovery, contracted by police, to have his vehicle taken from Arbury Road in Cambridge to Cottenham.

Half of the charge was because the lorry was found in a car park, rather than on the road. This £200 has been refunded by Aldridge Recovery.

Cambridgeshire Police, which receives 6% of recovery fees, said Mr Channell had been "wrongly charged".

Aldridge Recovery said its charges were set by the police and it did not want to comment further.

'Cheesed off'

The police said the costs were "set nationally and all police forces use this with their contracted vehicle recovery company".

Mr Channell said he called police to report the theft of the 7.5 tonne lorry and they were instantly able to locate it due to a tracking device.

He was initially told by Aldridge Recovery the fee would be £200, but was called back and told the amount had doubled as the vehicle was found off the road.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire had taken Mr Channell's concerns to Cambridgeshire Police after he appeared on Jeremy Sallis's breakfast show.

The police investigated the case and recommended a partial refund.

Mr Channell said: "I'm very pleased.

"I'm still cheesed off - it's a shame one has to make a fuss to get what is right and justified."

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