Cambridge University secret chocolate stash found in book

Image copyright Newnham College
Image caption Any student who found the chocolate bars was left instructions telling them to replace them

Students revising for exams in a Cambridge University library were left a secret cache of brain food - bars of chocolate in a hollowed-out book.

The snacks were found concealed in an edition of The Oxford Companion to English Literature during a stock-take.

A note inside congratulated the recipient on finding the "prize" and left instructions telling them to "return with one for the next person".

A university spokeswoman said it was not known who planted the chocolate.

Jo Tynan, spokeswoman for the university's all-female Newnham College, where the book was found, said "pre-approved chewy fruity sweets" were provided in the foyer outside the library but anything else was banned.

She said: "It shows how supportive our students are of each others' needs."

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What the note said...

Image copyright Newnham College
Image caption The handwritten note was found under the chocolate bars

Dear student, congratulations on finding this book! Take your prize and return with one for the next person.

It is thought the chocolate bars had been in the library for "several weeks" before being found. It is not known if anyone took advantage of the offer of free chocolate before the book was removed.

The book, written by Newnham College alumna Margaret Drabble, had been added to a shelf at the library.

"If it had been a library book we wouldn't have had a sense of humour," said Ms Tynan.

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Image caption Newnham is one of the 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge

"We can only imagine that one of our Newnham women has decided to make the exam period a little bit easier on her fellow students by putting a little treat in the library.

"Eating isn't allowed in the library, but I think they managed to get away with it on this occasion.

"We think it's unlikely that there are any other books like this, so it's a bit of a one-off and a mystery."