Cambridge street in shortest double yellow line claim

Toy truck on yellow lines
Image caption A toy monster truck is possibly the only vehicle that would be deterred by the lines

A street claiming to be home to the shortest set of double yellow lines in England has been "beaten" by an even shorter set in a nearby road.

Last year 33cm (13in) lines appeared by disabled bays in Humberstone Road, Chesterton, Cambridge.

Now a set separating residents' bays and pay and display parking have appeared in neighbouring Hamilton Road measuring just 28cm (11in).

The council said it was "a genuine attempt to be helpful to motorists".

"Although we have seen people try and squeeze cars into unusual places such as pedestrian crossings, we don't expect anyone to try and park on these lines," a county council spokesman said.

Image caption The 11in double lines separate residents' parking bays and pay and display bays
Image caption Residents have described the lines as both "cute" and "ridiculous"

"This is a genuine attempt to be helpful to motorists by signalling with other signs the divide between pay and display parking and residents' parking on this street."

The lines were intended to "help drivers park in the right bays and avoid a fine for parking in the wrong one", he added.

Image caption The lines are about the same length as a size-nine shoe

One resident described the lines as "ridiculous" but admitted she was concerned she might get a ticket if she parked on them.

Another described the lines as "cute" and said they were "probably helpful... but should be bigger as you can hardly see them".

Double yellow line claims to fame

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