Cambridgeshire school-run parents 'like feral cats', PCSO says

Cat and school road sign Image copyright AP
Image caption Feral cats were easier to deal with than parents parking illegally near schools, the officer said

School-run parents have been compared to 'wailing, hissing feral cats' by a police community support officer.

Jonathan Hall, a former RSPCA inspector, said it was easier to catch a feral cat than deter parents from parking illegally near schools.

He likened it to "a game of cat and mouse" with parents determined to ignore officers and risk a ticket.

Mr Hall has emailed east Cambridgeshire residents asking them to park considerately or walk with children.

The Littleport-based officer used the force's e-cops system, where residents sign up for community messages and alerts, to discuss problems with school parking.

'Baring their claws'

He said feral cats had been the most dangerous creatures he had dealt with in his former career with the animal charity.

However, parents parking illegally near schools to drop-off or pick-up their children could be equally "vicious".

"When challenged, the parent will be become an angry creature, wailing and hissing their annoyance at being challenged over their dangerous parking," Mr Hall said.

"The parent stares out from their metal box, with a look of pure hate. A look upon their face saying, 'I would splat you with one swipe of my paw (if it was not illegal)'.

"Never mind the moggies, it is the mothers who bare their claws these days."

Mr Hall reminded parents that PCSOs patrolled areas near schools to "prevent accidents", and parking on double yellow lines was likely to result in a ticket.

"If you should park on a yellow line, and get a ticket, please don't climb the wall," he added.

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