Cambridge bus lane fines raise £150,000

Bus lane on road Image copyright (C) British Broadcasting Corporation
Image caption A survey of three bus lanes found they were being misused up to 150 times an hour at peak times

More than 7,500 fines have been issued, raising £150,000, in a three-month crackdown on car drivers illegally using bus lanes in Cambridge.

The fines were collected as part of a Cambridgeshire County Council enforcement action between December and February.

It followed a survey of three bus lanes that found they were being misused up to 150 times an hour at peak times.

The council said the operation had seen a drop in the illegal use of bus lanes.

Nikki Pasek, head of businesses and communities support at the council, said: "We are pleased that the minority of inconsiderate drivers who were illegally using bus lanes are getting the message and that the numbers are reducing. We hope this trend continues.

"Blocking bus lanes is inconsiderate and annoying for the vast majority of law-abiding drivers who use the road. But, more importantly, it is breaking the law, increases congestion and puts lives at risk."

He said the crackdown had seen the number illegally using the lanes drop from "thousands to hundreds a week".

All money raised through fines is used to maintain and support public transport initiatives.

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