Celebrating 50 years of BBC television in South West

Since it started 50 years ago the BBC's television service in the South West has grown from a 10 minute bulletin called 'News from the South West' to a half hour daily programme called 'Spotlight'.

However it is not just about covering the latest news stories.

Over the years a range of different programmes have been produced.

These included documentaries, quiz shows and a even music programme featuring a live dancing audience.

BBC Spotlight's David George has been looking back at some of the productions. Watch his film above.

Programmes like 'That's Rich' took popular weatherman Craig Rich out of the studio and on the road in his own series during the 1980s.

Going back further, and another programme, called 'Home Time', visited various towns and reported on life there. It was also made locally.

Can you remember 'The Place Name Game'? It was filmed in Studio A at Seymour Road in Plymouth. The quiz show was presented by Miles Kington.

In 1983, there was even a South West version of the famous Top of the Pops show. It was called Matrix.

Today, BBC Spotlight, presented by Justin Leigh and Victoria Graham, is still filmed at Seymour Road. It can be seen every weekday evening from 6.30pm on BBC One.

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