Police 'tractor prongs' warning

Police are warning farmers and owners of agricultural vehicles to be more careful with machinery.

The warning comes after a complaint that a farmer drove his tractor on the highway with sharp prongs in a lowered position.

Police said farmers could be prosecuted if found driving in a manner which was dangerous to other road users.

However, the National Farmers' Union said there were safety implications with having prongs in the air.

Inspector Richard Pryce, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said: "Any vehicle that is used on a public road cannot be used in a dangerous condition, and if there is an implement which clearly is going to potentially cause a danger to other road users then that is an offence in itself."

Ian Johnson, of the NFU, said: "The police may well say they would like the 'boom' in the air but there are issues with instability, visibility and also power lines.

"We are aware that these issues need to be addressed and we need to look at how these implements can be effectively guarded."

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