St Ives Chapel opens for summer

Image caption Built in the 15th century, St Nicholas Chapel sits on the Island in St Ives

An historic Cornish chapel is now open to the public for the summer.

St Nicholas' Chapel is perched on the Island of St Ives, surrounded by the sea on three sides.

The chapel itself is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of fisherman and children.

Mayor of St Ives, Yvonne Watson suggests that the chapel dates back to the latter half of the 15th Century with written records of patchings and alterations.

It is now open for the summer season, with services every Thursday morning.

Mrs Watson said: "Our volunteers are very important, they can open up the Chapel for visitors and residents to see, they collect donations which they then give out to charity."

The Town Council is responsible for the up keep of the building.

According to the book, 'A History of St Ives' by J H Matthews published in 1892 and 'The History of St. Ives' by Cyril Noall the chapel served as a place of worship that became transformed into a look-out for revenue officers as a lookout for smugglers in the 18th Century.

It eventually passed into the hands of the War Office who used it as a store until 1904 when the Department made an attempt to demolish the building which was met with fierce opposition by the lcoal community.

The chapel was restored in 1911 and again in 1971.

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