Cornwall's drivers face fines for inconsiderate parking

Car in Truro
Image caption Cars in Truro earlier were parked close to the kerb

New regulations punishing "inconsiderate" driving in Cornwall have come into force.

Drivers face being fined if they park more than 50cm (20in) away from the kerb on Cornwall's roads.

Offences also include cars being parked outside the lines of a designated parking space.

Cornwall Council said the regulations had been put in place to ensure the free flow of traffic.

The authority took over responsibility for parking enforcement from the police in 2008.

Graham Hicks, Cornwall Council's cabinet member for transportation and highways, said: "Some cars parking more than half a metre from the kerb is, quite frankly, unacceptable.

"It blocks emergency vehicles, it blocks other residents getting through.

"We don't want to give fines to people but we want people to use some common sense and park sensibly."

Cardiac arrest

Reaction to the new rules from residents asked by BBC Radio Cornwall was mixed.

Jo Hatt said: "I live in a road where if people park considerately, the road remains unobstructed.

"If they park out from the kerb, you can't get home!

"A prime example was when my mum suffered a cardiac arrest at home and the ambulance had to reverse all the way up the hill to get to us because people had not parked with others in mind."

John from Penzance said: "I think it's an excellent idea.

"There is a very bad habit in Penzance where people will park on the pavement, which means people with prams are forced into the road which is not good enough."

And Mike Davey ‎said: "20 inches (50cm) is too generous. Make it a foot. People should learn to park properly or give up driving."

But Paul Coon said: "Soon we will be fined for walking on the cracks of the pavement."

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