Truro Cathedral webcasts its services

Truro Cathedral
Image caption The webcast has been listened to more than 3,000 times in the UK, 500 in the USA and 90 in Canada

Truro Cathedral has started to webcast the audio from some of its services.

The first service was made available on the internet on Friday and the Cathedral said it had more than 4,000 plays from people in 21 countries.

A spokesperson for the cathedral said they hoped it would allow the cathedral to connect to a wider audience.

"Only a handful of churches and cathedrals in the world webcast their services," said Truro Cathedral's director of music Christopher Gray.

The cathedral hopes to upload the audio from services every few months.

Mr Gray said the initial webcast cost a "few hundred pounds".

"We looked at the quality we needed, and the bare minimum that we could spend on recording the service," he said.

"The end product is worth a lot more."

Mr Gray said they eventually hoped to film services, although he felt the audio was more important with the resources available.

"The service is for people who can't get to the cathedral but can enjoy it at a convenient time.

"People in the USA, New Zealand and Spain have listened to the service," he added.

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