Cornwall Council criticised over car 'perks' for bosses

A councillor has hit out at "perks" for Cornwall Council bosses.

Liberal Democrat Alex Folkes said the council should not be providing senior officers with personal cars if they do a "very limited" mileage.

He has also criticised buying "luxury" Audis for two senior fire managers, while junior officers drove Vauxhalls costing "nearly half the price".

Cornwall Council said none of its car schemes were based on staff travelling more than 20,000 miles a year.

However, the council, which is run by a Conservative-Independent coalition, defended the purchase of the Audis.

'Higher value'

"The two Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service vehicles were bought using a special scheme available to emergency services which gave the Fire and Rescue Service discounts of between 25 and 28% on the normal showroom price," a statement said.

"These vehicles also have a higher residual value than other makes of car when they are sold at the end of the contract period."

Mr Folkes said while he welcomed the discount on the Audis, he did not agree that the "top brass should be driving in luxury cars that still cost nearly twice as much" at the Vauxhalls.

He said the discounted cost to the authority for an Audi A5 was £30,465, an Audi A6 cost £28,714, while more junior fire service staff had to "make do" with Vauxhalls which cost £16,367 each.

"Really this is about perks for the bosses," Mr Folkes told BBC News.

"Only staff who do a significant mileage should get a take home car."

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