Drunk boy, 15, 'stamped' on Redruth 'queue jumper's' head

A man was almost beaten to death by a 15-year-old boy who accused him of "jumping" a queue in a Cornish newsagents, a court has been told.

Victor King, 59, suffered severe head injuries in Redruth in May.

Truro Crown Court was told Mr King would have died if a jogger had not found him lying unconscious in the road and raised the alarm.

The accused, who cannot be named and is now aged 16, admits attacking Mr King but has denied attempted murder.

Medical experts said Mr King was so badly beaten he can remember little of the attack.

CCTV footage

Jonathan Barnes, prosecuting, said the boy repeatedly kicked and stamped on his victim's head and neck, leaving a footprint on his face and damaging his voice box.

This was because he believed Mr King had jumped the queue in a newsagents and "barged" into one of three girls he was with waiting to buy sweets.

The teenager was seen walking away from the attack in a "jubilant mood".

Mr Barnes told the court Mr King had been given a "truly terrible beating" which went on for several minutes.

"Without the insertion of a breathing tube, Victor King would certainly have died," he said.

The jury was told the boy had been drinking prior to the attack and had subjected the owner of an off-licence to verbal abuse when he was refused service.

They were told CCTV footage showed the boy arguing with Mr King then attacking him with a flurry of punches before walking off.

The prosecution said when Mr King went after the boy, he was then subjected to a second, more violent attack which left him with fractured cartilage around his voice box, fractures to both eye sockets, his jaw and other facial bones.

The teenager, who denies attempted murder, has admitted grievous bodily harm.

The trial continues.

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