Cornwall Council 'failed to help with anti-social neighbours'

A council tenant in Cornwall claimed the authority failed to help him move despite him complaining about his "anti-social neighbours" since 2006.

Colin Hooper, 60, from St Cleer, said his neighbours started being noisy throughout the night in 2006.

He said he contacted Cornwall Council multiple times but had few replies and only "broken promises" of re-housing.

The council said it believed the issue was resolved in 2008 but was working to identify alternative accommodation.

'Serious harassment'

Mr Hooper said: "I've taken it up with the council but I'm not getting anywhere.

"The person sleeps all day, comes to life at night and in the early hours of the morning you can hear the door bang, then you hear them banging the windows. [I'm] Shattered.

"It's always playing on your mind, the longer it goes on the worse you feel.

"I've had various interviews with housing managers and I've been promised that they would look at my case and re-house me on the serious harassment side of it but I've had so many broken promises.

"I'm on medication but quality of life now is terrible. If it wasn't for my son providing me with a grandson I don't think I'd be here."

The council said in a statement that Mr Hooper contacted the authority in February 2008 about his neighbour, the council took appropriate action and the issued appeared to be resolved.

It did not have any contact with Mr Hooper until February this year and was now trying to help him identify alternative accommodation.

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