Isles of Scilly school computer images 'inappropriate'

Bryce Wilby
Image caption Bryce Wilby said it would be "inappropriate" to comment during an audit of the school's finances

"Inappropriate" images were found on a computer at the Isles of Scilly's school, a councillor has claimed.

David Pearson said the images found on a computer "solely used" by former head teacher Bryce Wilby, were not of children and were not illegal, but refused to say what they were.

Mr Wilby was suspended in May over "apparent financial irregularities" but maintains he is innocent.

An audit of Five Islands School's finances is taking place.

Mr Pearson, lead member for children's services on the unitary authority, said in a statement: "Serious issues have been raised in terms of financial irregularities and the presence of inappropriate content on the school computer."

Talking to BBC Radio Cornwall, he said: "There were images on the computer owned by the school that were not appropriate.

"They are not of an illegal nature."

'Heal rifts'

He said his statement was not an attempt to blacken Mr Wilby's name.

Asked why he had issued the statement on the first day of a new school term, he said: "It is a new beginning for the children and they are the most important people as far as this community is concerned.

"For their sakes we have to bring these things to the fore.

"There is nothing in my statement which prejudices the inquiry."

A full independent audit of the school's financial systems is being carried out by Cornwall Council.

Mr Wilby has not spoken publicly since he left the island following his resignation in July.

But in a statement to BBC News he said: "It would be inappropriate to make any comment about an incomplete and confidential audit report.

"I expect to meet with the auditors shortly and will make an appropriate statement afterwards."

Mr Pearson added in his statement that a report on the audit would be presented to the Council of the Isles of Scilly at the end of September.

He said: "I believe that this report will give the community the fullest information possible in legal terms and allow any rifts which have been caused in our community to heal."

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