Heamoor Primary School second day of strikes begins

Heamoor staff
Image caption Teachers say the dispute is over work, pay and conditions, but Cornwall Council says it is over the number of times the head teacher can visit a classroom

Teachers at a Cornish primary school have walked out in the second phase of a seven-day strike.

Heamoor Primary School staff walked out in the dispute supported by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) over workload, pay and conditions.

But Cornwall Council (CC) said the action revolved around head teacher visits to classrooms and not pay.

The NUT, school and CC are meeting with conciliation service Acas in a bid to resolve the dispute.

'No good reason'

Andy Woolley, the NUT regional secretary, said: "The workload here we believe is excessive.

"We are very disappointed with what the local authority and school are saying about our stance in the dispute."

Mr Wooley said he had contacted Cornwall Council on Thursday to arrange a meeting with Acas, but this was turned down "for no good reason" and another meeting had been set up for Wednesday.

He said: "There are a number of things we want to talk to the school about but we want a couple of signs of good faith and we will postpone the strike action."

In a statement, the council said: "The main area of disagreement is the number of visits a head teacher can undertake throughout the year to a teacher's classroom, and not the workload or the pay and conditions of the individual teacher.

"It is very disappointing that at a time of recession and against a background of the growing financial hardship being experienced by many families, a small minority of teachers feel unable to accept their responsibilities and those of the school to guarantee the education of those children in their care."

The teachers plan to walk out of the school, near Penzance, on Wednesday and Thursday if the dispute is not resolved.

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