Newborn baby helps in marriage proposal

Harley Violet in her baby-grow
Image caption Harley Violet was dressed by her father in the baby grow, which carried a special message

A newborn baby from Cornwall has played a novel role in a wedding proposal.

Harley Violet was dressed by dad James Thompson in a pink baby grow, which carried a special message.

Her mother, Hana Jones, said she was "stunned" to discover the message 'Will You Marry My Daddy?' printed on Harley's vest.

The couple, from St Agnes have been together nearly five years and also have three-year-old son called Rueben.

Miss Jones said: "There were a lot of tears as well as a yes!"

Mr Thompson said: "I'd decided I was going to propose before Christmas and then found the baby-grow online and so it seemed the perfect idea."

The surprise proposal also proved a shock for Alison Miles, the couple's midwife at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

Mrs Miles said: "I had just popped out of the room and was sent running back when I heard the heart monitors going off.

"It turned out to be Hana's high heart rate because of James' proposal."

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