Slain St George and the Dragon statue returns after student prank

Celebrations are being held in the town on St George's Day, and the names of those who fundraised for the restoration are being unveiled on a special plaque

Falmouth has been celebrating the return of a statue of St George and the Dragon, which was damaged after a student pulled it down.

The statue was taken from the Arcade in a drunken prank in 2005.

It is said to have then been accidentally run over by a police car and spent the next few years in university storage.

The Falmouth Civic Society later discovered the carving and raised enough money for its restoration.

Names of the fundraisers have been engraved onto a metal plaque.

Image caption Peter Jenks from the Falmouth Civic Society said they are now on the lookout for any information about the history of the St George carving

Chairman of the society, Mike Jenks, said: "It's been quite an achievement - to raise that amount of money for something that's been missing for such a long time.

"People had forgotten that it was there. I think that the restoration will mean that they won't forget it for a long time to come."

He added they were keen to find out more about the statue's history: "It's pretty well hidden; we've tried to find out when it was put up".

It is believed the structure could have been carved a long time before 1963, the year that photographs were taken of St George and the Dragon above the Arcade.

Mr Jenks said: "The colours are fantastic and the dragon looks surprisingly alive - so watch out."

Image caption The statue has been restored by Garry Springfield and painted by Julian Beezley

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