Cornwall Council to cut disabled parking charges to £350

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Cornwall Council says it is going to cut the cost of creating disabled parking spaces for residents from more than £3,000 to £350.

Councillors agreed to "urgently review" the situation last month after a woman with multiple sclerosis said it would have cost her £3,800 to put in a special space where she lives.

The announcement was made before this year's budget debate.

Cornwall Council says anyone who paid the higher amount will be refunded.

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Councillor Richard Pears, who highlighted the problem, says it is a victory for people power.

He said: "I am delighted that the leader of the council started today's meeting by announcing they have reviewed the charges for disabled people's residential parking bays, cutting them from more than £3,000 for an application to £350.

"It is also good to see them commit to a refund for people who have recently paid the thousands they were charging previously."

Image caption Deb Race said the price for a disabled bay "didn't seem fair"

Deb Race, who lives in St Austell, decided against putting a disabled bay outside her home after saying she would have had to pay £3,800.

Last month, she said: "To find nearly £4,000, and then have a lottery still as to whether I could park outside my house, was totally prohibitive. It didn't seem fair."

Cornwall Council previously said the cost was for a Traffic Regulation Order, advertising, public consultation and painting the new bay but had reduced the cost to £3,300.

Once installed the space does not guarantee parking for an individual, as it is available for any disabled person to use.

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