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Nuneaton plans to help 'too narrow' roads for fire engines

New road layouts and extra parking may be planned for a town in Warwickshire after fire crews said their trucks had problems driving down narrow streets.

Warwickshire County Council said it was aware of congestion in Nuneaton's Edward, Alexandra and Windsor streets.

It said the problem was exacerbated by drivers parking too close to corners, junctions and on double yellow lines.

The fire service said speed was crucial when dealing with emergencies and poor parking hampered its crews' progress.

'Can't cope'

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service said, in some cases recently, poor parking had blocked the route and forced crews to run long hoses to the fire as their trucks could not closer to the building.

Roly Bailey, from the fire service, said: "These properties were built and designed when motor vehicle ownership wasn't a possibility for most people.

"Now, people have cars for every house and the streets can't cope with the parking that's required of them."

The council said it wanted to prevent cars from parking illegally on both sides of the road and causing an obstruction for larger vehicles. It said one option might be to reduce the amount of double yellow lines one one side to create up to 40 legal extra spaces.

It said it hoped to consult on the plans in the summer.

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