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Yorkshire Dales cow attack described by Coventry couple

A Coventry man has described how he feared his wife had died after she was chased and attacked by a herd of cows on holiday.

Irene Pitham, 58, was thrown 8ft (2.5m) into the air while walking her dog in the Yorkshire Dales.

Her husband, Mike, said: "I thought that they'd killed her because she went up so high and then hit the ground and then didn't move at all."

It is thought the couple's dog alarmed the cows and their calves.

Mr Pitham, also aged in his 50s, described what happened: "One of the cows ran forwards and put his nose under my wife's backside and flipped her into the air.

"She went right over the top and then hit the ground. She didn't move. I just feared the worst. She didn't seem to be breathing or anything."

Mrs Pitham has now recovered from her head injury but has no recollection of the attack. She said: "I think it will affect him [my husband] more. I don't think he'll go into a field of cows in future."

Her rescue by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance on 19 May featured in the first episode of the new BBC One series of Helicopter Heroes on Monday.

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