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Stratford-upon-Avon buggies branded a 'gimmick' by ex-mayor

The ex-mayor of a Warwickshire town has branded a venture designed to help tourists visit sights as a "gimmick".

Cyril Bennis said yellow buggies, now being hired in Stratford-upon-Avon, are not in keeping with the town's "character".

"These introductions of gimmicks... in many ways do not hold up well with many people," he said.

However Tourbuggies, which hires the vehicles, dismissed the criticism they are a gimmick.

Mr Bennis said that while he wished success to new business ventures there was a need to "retain our character here in Stratford-upon-Avon.

'Bit of fun'

"In many respects we tend to be loosening up our image," he said.

"[However] I think we're just wanting to be a market town primarily and to be able to just get on with what everybody does in a market town."

Dave Herdman, from Tourbuggies, dismissed the claim that the vehicles were too "gimmicky".

He said: "People can actually get around not only the town of Stratford, but out to things like Anne Hathaway's Cottage and Mary Arden's [house].

"It's very economical, only a 50cc moped engine so it's not using a lot of fuel and it's not leaving a lot of emissions.

"It's aimed at being a bit of fun for everybody to get out and about in a bit of fresh air."

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