Drink warning after boat rescue off Cumbria coast

A sea rescue off the Cumbria coast has prompted a "don't drink and drown" warning by the coastguard.

Two men had got into difficulties off Harrington Harbour on Friday night, where their open boat was drifting without any navigation lights.

The Liverpool Coastguard was alerted, and the Workington lifeboat towed it into harbour.

Members of the public had reported concerns for the men's safety because they appeared to have been drinking.

One had fallen into the water and the other jumped in to help him before they had set off.

Liverpool coastguard, Graham Parr, warned people not to take unnecessary risks.

"Don't drink and drown," he said.

"Not only does it impair judgement but alcohol will also affect your ability to deal with an emergency situation.

"Always check your vessel is seaworthy before setting out and if you must travel in darkness, navigation lights are both vital and mandatory."

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