Police try to trace man after Appleby lay-by sex attack

An 18-year-old woman has been sexually assaulted in bushes in a lay-by at the Appleby Horse Fair, police said.

Officers said the woman was with a friend and a group of men they had met at the fair waiting for a taxi, when she was attacked by one of the men.

The assault happened on Saturday evening on the east bound slip road of the A66 turn off to Appleby.

Cumbria Police said there had been 30 arrests at the event so far including four for drink driving.

Officers are especially keen to trace one man about the attack who is aged about 19, with gelled brown hair wearing a grey tracksuit with green neon stripes.

The annual fair attracts thousands of visitors to the Cumbrian market town.

It is one of Europe's largest gatherings of Gypsies and travellers.

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