Appleby Horse Fair hailed a success

Appleby Horse Fair
Image caption It is traditional for horses to be washed in the River Eden during the fair

Organisers of the Appleby Horse Fair have hailed it as a success, on the day the last Gypsies and travellers are due to leave the town's licensed campsites.

Despite an estimated 25% increase in visitors, the total number of arrests - 48 - was fewer than in previous years.

The RSPCA said that there had been a reduction in the number of verbal warnings its 31 officers had issued.

A new daily forum for local residents and members of the travelling community was also felt to have gone well.

Set up by police, it met every evening to highlight any issues which may have arisen.

Organisers also said that the traffic management and daily clean up operations went well.

Christian Dior potties

During the event, trading standards officers seized counterfeit goods worth about £50,000.

These included copies of a Swarovski crystal washing up bowl, a Christian Dior wash basket and a set of Chanel and Christian Dior potties.

Robin Hooper, chief executive of Eden District Council, said: "We'll have a full debrief later this month but initial feedback for is very positive.

"There have been a couple of notable incidents that are completely unacceptable, but on the whole we must realise that to have just 48 arrests with upwards of 50,000 people here is a successful operation."

Billy Welch, Gypsy and Traveller representative on the organising committee, said: "It's been a great fair, one of the best of recent years.

"The overwhelming feedback that I'm getting is that the police have been extremely professional and this has helped people have a wonderful time."

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