Workington shop manager was 'addicted' to scratch cards

A woman who admitted being "totally addicted" to lottery scratch cards has been given a suspended jail term for stealing £200 worth of them a day.

Yvonne Simmonds, 46, stole more than £9,000 worth of the National Lottery cards in a few weeks while she was the manager of a newsagents in Workington.

She pleaded guilty to stealing the cards and to false accounting to cover up the thefts at Carlisle Crown Court.

Simmonds was given an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for a year.

The court heard the most Simmonds, of Conniston Drive in Workington, ever won while she was manager of the town's Mills Newsagents was £40.

She told police she had become "totally, totally addicted" to scratch cards.

As well as the suspended prison term, she was placed under the supervision of probation officers to help with her gambling addiction.

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