Cumbrian teenagers warned about new 'legal high'

Young people in Cumbria are being warned about the side effects of a new "legal high" after seven teenagers ended up in accident and emergency.

The group were taken by ambulance to Furness General Hospital on Wednesday after some of them experienced effects such as nausea and racing hearts.

They had been smoking an unknown substance believed to be known in the Barrow area as Black Mamba.

Cumbria sergeant Mark Rawlinson said the new "legal high" was "worrying".

Cumbria Police and the NHS are now warning other teenagers in the area to be more cautious as the contents of the substance and its exact effects are unknown.

Sgt Rawlinson said: "The use of legal highs is worrying - people should not assume that a substance is safe because it is currently regarded legal.

"People using substances like Black Mamba are taking serious risks - no-one knows what the drug is mixed with or the long-term effects that it can have and this instance highlights that the risk just isn't worth it."

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