Facebook used to trace Australian woman who lost camera

A woman in Australia has been reunited with the camera she lost in Cumbria after being tracked down on Facebook.

Paula Noack was visiting Windermere in July when she lost her camera.

She reported it to police and told them she was visiting from abroad but did not provide the correct dialling code, leaving officers unable to contact her when the camera turned up.

Cumbria Police traced Ms Noack through her Facebook profile after matching her photo with those on the camera.

PC Jim Bell said: "Unfortunately, we didn't have the correct contact details for her so for a while we were at a loss as to how we could get the camera back to her.

"We discovered that the camera contained photographs of Ms Noack's around-the-world trip, including photographs capturing memories of her time spent in South Lakeland.

"We recognised a woman in the photographs as the lady who approached us... so decided to turn our attention to social networking sites."

Ms Noack said: "I was thrilled... it is amazing how Facebook can be used to track people all over the world.

"We really do appreciate the effort that police took to return the camera as you cannot replace photos, and we are now spending time remembering all the fun we had by looking at each photo."

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