Carlisle arson attacks 'could risk lives'

Lives could be put at risk following a spate of deliberate fires across Carlisle, fire bosses have warned.

Since the start of the month, Cumbria Fire Service has been called out to a number of minor incidents.

These include rubbish being set alight on a number of occasions, grass ignited at a play area and a hedge torched.

The service said that attending "needless, avoidable" fires diverted resources from emergencies - and was also dangerous for those setting them.

Craig Drinkald, station manager at Carlisle West Fire Station, said: "Youngsters playing with matches or lighters and setting fire to dried grass and rubbish might think they're having a bit of harmless fun, but what they're actually doing is putting their own and other peoples' lives at risk.

"If we're having to attend small avoidable fires it means we could be diverted away from more serious situations like road traffic collisions and larger blazes with potentially fatal results.

"Small fires can also spread rapidly, especially during periods of warm, dry weather. So starting a small fire can quickly put the person lighting it in extreme danger."

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