Poppi Worthington death: Key dates

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Image caption Poppi Worthington died in December 2012

Here are the key dates in the long-running investigation into the death of Poppi Worthington in Cumbria.

  • December 12, 2012: Poppi Worthington dies aged 13 months in hospital. It triggers a police investigation and her father Paul and a 30-year-old woman are arrested
  • February 2013: Former coroner Ian Smith opens and adjourns an inquest into Poppi's death, during which no records were taken
  • March 2014: The High Court refuses to make public a fact-finding judgement surrounding Poppi's death
  • April 2014: Cumbria Local Safeguarding Board launches a serious case review
  • July 2014: Media organisations, including the BBC, fail to persuade a judge to make the fact-finding judgement public after Cumbria County Council asks for details about Poppi's death to be withheld for 15 years
  • July 2014: The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) begins an investigation into how the Cumbria force handled its inquiry into Poppi's death
  • October 21, 2014: An inquest lasting just seven minutes, determines Poppi's death is "unexplained". No other details are revealed
  • November 2014: Media organisations again fail to get court restrictions on publication of the fact-finding judgement lifted
  • January 2015: Senior coroner David Roberts asks the Attorney General to grant a fresh inquest into Poppi's death
  • March 2015 - Cumbria Police say Poppi's father and the woman arrested over her death will not face criminal action
  • April 2015: A further attempt by media groups to have details of Poppi's death made public fails
  • April 2015: The High Court agrees to an application from Poppi's father for medical evidence surrounding her death to be re-examined
  • November 2015: Family Court judge Mr Justice Peter Jackson criticises Cumbria Police and the county council over their handling of Poppi's case
  • November 2015: Some details of Poppi's death are made public and highlight police failings, including not preserving items for forensic testing
  • November 2015: Retired detective Mike Forrester, who was one of those in charge of investigating Poppi's death, admits mistakes were made
  • November 2015: Family Court hears of "astonishing incompetence" of police investigating Poppi's death
  • December 2015: Conflicting theories heard in Family Court hears by experts over whether Poppi was sexually abused before her death
  • December 2015: Lawyers acting for Poppi's father Paul tell the court that evidence suggested he had not abused his daughter
  • January 2016: High Court family judge Mr Justice Peter Jackson made public his ruling that on the balance of probabilities Paul Worthington did sexually assault Poppi shortly before her death
  • January 2016: Ex-justice minister Sir Simon Hughes calls for a criminal investigation to be reopened into Paul Worthington but only fresh evidence would allow it to happen
  • February 2016: A leaked Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) report calls Cumbria Police's investigation into Poppi's death "unstructured and disorganised"
  • February 2016: The government says it cannot order the release of the full IPCC report as requested by Barrow MP John Woodcock because it could jeopardise a fresh inquest
  • March 2016: A pre-inquest hearing is held by the Cumbria coroner to determine a date and details for a full inquest
  • June 2016: The Cumbria Local Safeguarding Children Board carries out a review and finds that family members could have have been offered more support because of a "complex history". The report also queries Poppi's mother's ability to protect her family
  • July 2016: The CPS announces there is insufficient evidence to charge Poppi's father over her death, while Cumbria Police said it "deeply regrets" the way its investigation was handled
  • September 2016: A second inquest is suspended, pending a review of the case by the CPS
  • November 2016: The CPS upholds a decision not to bring charges over Poppi's death
  • January 2017: Second inquest set to take place between 15 May and 8 June
  • March 2017: Full IPCC report published listing failings of Cumbria Police
Image caption Retired Cumbria Police detective Mike Forrester said "with hindsight" he would have done things better

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