Cotmahay burglar struggle caught on CCTV

A man who was threatened by two armed men who broke into his house was caught on his home CCTV wrestling them to the ground after they knocked on his door.

Adrian Draper, of Cotmahay, Derbyshire, suffered head injuries in the struggle, captured on the security system.

The two men, described as white and in their 20s, escaped in a red car after the attack on Saturday at 1130 BST.

Police said an imitation gun was found at the scene and a second weapon was also used in the attack.

It is not known if the second weapon was an imitation or not, police said.

Mr Draper, 43, said his daughter had been asleep upstairs at the time of the attack.

He said he hit one of the intruders in the face as he attempted to defend his home.

'Spun him around'

Mr Draper said: "I opened the door and the next minute I got a blow in the belly.

"I took the gun off him and spun him around.

"The next minute he was hitting me and I got gashes to the head.

"I managed to pin one of them down while the other mate was hitting me in the head. I got the gun off them and they ran."

Mr Draper was treated for head injuries at the scene by paramedics but did not need hospital treatment.

He said he had "no idea" why the robbers would have targeted his house.

The men, who left empty-handed, fled the house towards Skeavingtons Lane and are thought to have driven away in a car which was described as "old, small and red".

One of the men was described as being of medium build with dark, brown hair.

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