Police warning after planks placed on Derby rail track

Transport police have issued a warning after children placed planks of wood on a stretch of railway line in Derby.

A train hit the planks but no-one was injured. It is believed the children put more wood on the line about 20 minutes later.

Trains were placed on caution after the incident on the afternoon of 6 August in the Sunnyhill area.

British Transport Police are investigating but no-one has been arrested.

A transport police spokesman said the children were risking their lives and the lives of train passengers at risk.

Sgt Simon Courtney said: "Not only did the group of children risk their lives and the lives of others by placing the large wooden planks on the tracks, but stupidly they also returned to do it a second time.

"The railway is not a playground and trespassing on the tracks and placing items on the line is not only dangerous but can have serious - and sometimes fatal - consequences."

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