Boys apologise over Derby mobility scooter theft

Two 12-year-old boys who stole a mobility scooter from a 73-year-old woman in Derby have apologised and paid compensation rather than be prosecuted.

The decision is part of the county force's restorative justice scheme, which aims to deal with small-scale offending outside the courts.

Officers stopped the boys near Farm Street earlier in the month and they admitted the theft.

The owner, who was consulted by police, said they deserved a second chance.

After being caught, the boys and their parents agreed to send letters of apology and pay £160 towards repairing damage to the scooter.

The owner, Shirley Fitzsimmons, explained why she felt this was the best solution.

"I was told by the policeman they were young boys and they had not been in trouble before.

"So it was their first offence and I thought 'I don't want them to have a record' but if they commit another crime, they will have a record."

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