Derbyshire police officer used prostitute for drugs and sex

Jasbir Dhanda
Image caption The court heard that Mr Dhanda had targeted "vulnerable" women

A Derbyshire police officer accused of misconduct in public office bought drugs from a prostitute he had sex with, a court has been told.

PC Jasbir Singh Dhanda, of Littleover, Derby, is alleged to have had sex with the woman several times while on duty and asked her to buy him cocaine.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that Mr Dhanda had targeted "vulnerable" women.

The 52-year-old denies misconduct and misusing a police database to research other women.

'Sex and drugs'

Mr Dhanda is accused of having sex with two of the three women who made complaints against him.

Giving evidence on Thursday, one complainant told the court how she first met the officer in 2000 before he started to visit her regularly for sex and drugs.

She told the court that she thought he was one of the "good guys" because he would warn her about the warrant on a Friday and advise her to hand herself in to police on the Monday.

She said that at the time she was a prostitute who had been addicted to heroin and cocaine for 18 years. "Heroin was my world", she said. "I'd do anything not to be in a cell away from heroin."

When he then asked her to buy cocaine for him she said she did as asked. "They are police officers. You don't ask questions you know, they are the law."

'He wanted sex'

But she told the court: "He wanted something in return for not arresting me. He wanted sex."

The woman was asked by police during interview in February 2011 when she had last seen the accused. "He arrested me last year. I was drunk at the time."

She told police she thought it had been nearly winter when the arrest took place.

Kevin Baumber, defending, told the court the arrest had actually taken place in May 2009.

"Do you remember who issued the fixed penalty notice?" he asked the complainant. "No, but I was drunk at the time," she said.

Mr Baumber told the court that Mr Dhanda's signature was on the fine.

On one occasion, the court heard that Mr Dhanda had pulled up to the complainant with another woman in the car, whom the complainant believed to be another officer.

"Did you ever see that woman again?", the complainant was asked. "No", she replied.

However, later she said that she had seen the woman again and would be able to recognise her if she saw her.

The officer, who is suspended from Derbyshire Police pending the outcome of criminal proceedings, faces seven counts of misconduct in a public office and five counts of obtaining personal data.

The trial continues.

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