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Jade Swain receiving her courage award at Community Champions 2011
Image caption Teenager Jade Swain receives her courage award at last year's ceremony

These are the terms and conditions for BBC Radio Derby's Community Champions awards 2012.

Nominations are invited for individuals who live, work or perform community work in BBC Radio Derby's editorial area.

Nominations open on Wednesday 11 January and close at 17:00 GMT on Friday 6 April 2012.

No age restrictions apply to nominators or nominees.

Nominators will be required to provide an email address or telephone number where your nominee can be contacted. The nominee will be told that you nominated him/her. This should not be interpreted as anything other than an information gathering exercise.

Entries are also permitted from relatives of nominees.

Nominations will only be accepted on the official nomination forms available from the award partners or via the website.

Nominators will be required to provide evidence of the nominee's consent to be nominated and to be subject to the award terms and conditions; those under 16 will also be required to submit evidence of their parent/guardian's consent.

Where the same person has been entered more than once, the nominations count as one.

There are 14 categories, each nomination will be entered into the one which the judging panel feel most reflects the entry.

Nominations will not be entered into multiple categories.

Each nominee will receive varying degrees of editorial coverage from just a mention to features on either (or both) the radio and in the Derby Telegraph. The amount of coverage will be based on independent editorial considerations and will have no bearing on the judging of entries.

BBC Radio Derby and/or the Derby Telegraph will contact both the nominator and nominee for the purposes of administering the Community Champions Awards, to verify facts and/or events.

BBC Radio Derby, the Derby Telegraph and the local organisations associated with the awards ceremony will share your information for the purposes of administering the Community Champions Awards.

The Community Champions Awards comply with the BBC's Code of Conduct and its guidelines on competitions, voting and awards.

BBC Radio Derby and the Derby Telegraph will handle the personal information that you provide to them, in relation to the Community Champions Awards, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We reserve the right to cancel, withdraw or change categories that have insufficient or inadequate nominees. We also reserve the right to withdraw an award at any time if there are reasonable grounds to suspect fraud or where the winner could be deemed to bring the event or the BBC into disrepute.

The awards ceremony for winners will take place on Sunday May 13th 2012 at Pride Park Stadium, Derby.

The criteria are used to shortlist and choose winners in each category are:

1.Level of commitment, duration of activity or time involved

2.Impact of activity, what difference has it made to those being helped

3.Does the nominee gain in any way from the work

4.What proportion of this activity was initiated by the nominee

5.Has this person been recognised in other ways for their work

6.How long has the nominee undertaken this work

Each entrant will be considered against the above criteria by the judging panel (comprising of representatives from BBC Radio Derby and the Derby Telegraph only). The top three nominations in each category will form a short list which will be scored against the same criteria, but relative to each other to decide one overall winner per category.

The Mayor's award and the Chief Constable's award will be the only exception from the above selection process. The winners will be chosen by the current Mayor of Derby and the Chief Constable (individually), using the above scoring process from a short list provided by the judging panel.

Each winner will be notified at least one week before the awards ceremony and will be asked to attend to receive their award at a ceremony in Derby on Sunday May 13 2012.

The awards ceremony will be reported on BBC Radio Derby and in the Derby Telegraph. Each winner will be named as a Community Champion.

The 'Community Champions Awards' are a partnership between BBC Radio Derby and the Derby Telegraph.

The awards ceremony is organised by the Derby Telegraph (assisted by BBC Radio Derby).

Other local organisations are supporters of the awards ceremony.

Members of the judging panel will be expected to disclose if there is a conflict of interest with any nomination. In that event, they will be then replaced on the judging panel for the scoring of that entry by another person of similar standing in their organisation.

If a conflict becomes apparent after shortlisting, the nomination will be re-scored by a replacement short listing panellist. The panel which chooses the final winner will be expected to confirm in writing to the awards ceremony supporters before choosing a winner that they have no conflict or interest.

Repeat nominations from previous years will be allowed. However, they will only be prominently featured editorially again on the radio and in the newspaper if that person is judged to have contributed a significant amount more to their community since their last nomination.

Members of staff at the BBC and the Derby Telegraph, their close relatives or anyone connected to the awards cannot be nominated or nominate someone. However, members of the awards ceremony supporting organisations will be permitted to make nominations, but they will not be involved in or influence the selection or short listing of winners.

All Community Champions who live in the city will also be invited to the Derby mayor making ceremony.

These rules will be available in full throughout the nomination period at

The fourteen award categories are:

1. Carer

2. Fundraiser of the Year

3. Cultural Champion

4. Diversity

5. Achieving Against the Odds

6. Children in the Community

7. Courage

8. Extra Mile

9. Great Neighbour

10. Kindness to Animals

11. Unsung Sporting Hero

12. The Chief Constable's Special Award

13. The Mayor's Volunteer Award

14. The 'Be Inspiring' Award

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