Boy, 3, helps deliver baby in Asda car park in Spondon

A three-year-old boy has been hailed a hero by his mother after he helped her give birth in a supermarket car park in Derby.

Sonia Chima was on her way to hospital with husband Kaz and son Joshan when she went into labour.

The family pulled into the Asda store in Spondon and dialled 999.

Mrs Chima said Joshan helped her to keep calm and had told her how to breathe until help arrived. "He was brilliant," she said.

"He's a live wire most of the time - but when we needed him he really shone through."

'Stop the car'

Her husband, who had gone into the supermarket to get blankets for the baby after the paramedics arrived, said: "Just when you think you've seen everything in life, something like that pops up.

Image caption Sonia Chima said her son had "shone through"

"I suppose the real hero is Joshan, if he hadn't been calm I think I would probably have lost it.

"He was holding his mum's hand - giving her juice and saying to her, 'mum you breath like this'. He was brilliant."

Mrs Chima went into advanced labour with her daughter Ashriya shortly after leaving home for the hospital.

She said: "The plan was my for my mother to have Joshan, but it all happened so fast - I had asked my mum to meet us at the hospital.

"But we literally got to the Asda roundabout, about three or four minutes from home.

"I said to Kaz, I can't help but push - I think we need to stop the car."

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