Derbyshire wall crash couple call for speed reduction

A couple who have had cars crash into their wall five times in eight years have called for a cut in the speed limit outside their Derbyshire home.

Sheila and Raymond Hamilton-Cooper, who live on the A444 Burton Road in Overseal, said they feared someone could be killed if no action was taken.

They said anti-skid road markings or a reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph could solve the problem.

The couple said the stretch of road was busy with a number of bends.

'Completely smashed'

Mrs Hamilton-Cooper said it was annoying and she had had enough of repairing their outside wall.

"We're very frustrated really, all the ringing to get quotes for repairs, calling insurance companies and sending photographs, and to do it regularly is a bit much," she said.

"I think it needs some anti-skid road surface and it wouldn't hurt to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph for this stretch of road."

Mr Hamilton-Cooper said their 15m-long wall had been repaired many times after it being "completely smashed down" by cars driving around the bend too fast.

"One was when a car ended up in the wall after a police chase and another was a young lad coming home in the early hours of the morning," he said.

He said they had become all too familiar with the sound of a car crashing into the wall.

"We know what it is especially when we're lying in bed," Mr Hamilton-Cooper said.

"We look through the window, yes there it is, the car's lights flashing and the neighbours rushing out to see."

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