Erewash Borough Council U-turn over combined authority plans

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Image caption The Derbyshire combined authority aims to provide better transport links and housing for residents

A council has agreed to join a combined authority two weeks after voting against the proposals.

Conservative-led Erewash Borough Council decided not to join a united authority for Derby and Derbyshire on 13 February.

Leader Chris Corbett said the plans would have been potentially detrimental to Erewash, but now says his concerns have been addressed.

A combined authority would deal with issues such as housing and transport.

'Vital importance'

The Labour group had accused the council of "turning their backs on a golden opportunity".

However, the authority now says it is the right move for residents.

Mr Corbett said: "We have worked hard behind the scenes to address our concerns and to be absolutely sure that this is the right thing for Erewash.

"It was of vital importance to us that we protect our borough and that there would be no handing over of powers on issues such as housing and planning without us actively voting to allow it."

The decision is expected to be given the go-ahead at a meeting on Thursday.

What do supporters claim a combined authority in Derbyshire will do?

  • Skills - Create opportunities for improving the skills and training of the local workforce
  • Transport - Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public transport so people can reach jobs and move around the county more easily
  • Homes - Increase the supply of affordable housing linked to economic development and to local needs
  • Jobs - Increase the number of jobs and better paid jobs across the city and county
  • Investment - Work together to attract investment and new development to grow the local economy
  • A combined authority is a formal, legal step to allow councils to work more closely together in a more structured way
  • It is not a merger, or take-over of councils, or a unitary authority

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