Arrest over robbery of 12-year-old girl in Derby

CCTV still of robbery Image copyright Derbyshire Police
Image caption Footage of the attack shows the girl on the floor as she was robbed

A man has been arrested on suspicion of robbing a 12-year-old girl in what was described as an "horrific" attack that was captured on CCTV.

Footage of the attack shows the girl struggling with the robber for 25 seconds in a Derby Street.

Derbyshire Police said the girl was "very shaken up by what happened" but did not have any injuries.

Police said the arrested man, a 22-year-old from Derby, was due to be interviewed later.

'Very brave'

The robbery happened in Cambridge Street at about 16:40 GMT on Sunday.

Det Con Mick Stainsby, who is investigating, said: "The CCTV footage captures the horrific incident taking place.

"The 12-year-old victim has been very brave but was attacked for apparently no other reason than to steal her phone, a rose gold iPhone 6s."

Image copyright Derbyshire Police
Image caption The robber approached the girl in Cambridge Street in Derby

Numerous people have contacted the BBC and police offering to buy the girl a new phone, and one person has offered her a martial arts class.

Paula Wright has raised more than £1,300 for a phone through an online fundraising page.

"It's good that she doesn't have any injuries but it's the mental issues that are going to stay with her," she said.

Mrs Wright has sons aged 12 and 13 and said mobile phones were very important for their safety.

"If they get into trouble they've always got someone they can get hold of because there aren't many telephone boxes now that actually work," she said.

Image copyright Derbyshire Police
Image caption The robber left the girl on the floor then fled the scene

Paul Cannon, a communications officer for Derbyshire Police, said there had been "lots of offers to help" through the force's social media channels.

"We will be speaking to the family to make them aware of these generous offers for them to decide if they are taken up," he said.

"We don't get involved in co-ordinating the offers but will ensure that the family are made aware."

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