Devon residents claim 'unbearable' sewage works smell

People in Plymouth say the stench of a sewage works has meant they have to keep doors and windows shut, re-wash clothes and have felt physically ill.

Residents in Keyham and North Prospect said the smell had become "unbearable" in the hot weather.

South West Water runs Camels Head sewage works and said they had received 35 complaints in the past 12 months.

The company admitted it had problems recently and hoped to work with residents to address the odour issues.

'Feel physically ill'

Glen Cross owns a business nearby, he said the smell was particularly bad when it is a warm, clear day.

"While I drive through the area, I put my windows up and the air conditioning on," he said.

Sheila Trim, who has lived in the area for 55 years, said: "It's been terrible, the smell stays on your clothes, I've had to throw away cooked food and the smell has made me feel physically ill.

"I haven't invited friends and family for dinner for about 10 years, because of the stench."

A public meeting has been held between residents and South West Water.

The company said: "The meeting acknowledged that investment at the site has improved matters, but recent issues with the processes have caused inconvenience for residents.

"We believe those issues are now resolved and we will continue to work with the community to address longer term odour issues at the site."

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