Devon man died of internal bleeding

A man died from internal bleeding at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, an inquest heard.

Francesco Barsciglie, 65, was treated at the hospital for a suspected blood infection but he had in fact been bleeding internally.

Two doctors who treated Mr Barsciglie said the symptoms he was showing did not suggest internal bleeding.

Dr Elizabeth Earland, coroner for Exeter and Greater Devon, recorded a narrative verdict.

Bleeding 'possibility'

Mr Barsciglie, from Winkleigh, north Devon, had been admitted to an accident and emergency ward from a renal ward at the hospital on 11 January 2010, the inquest at County Hall in Exeter was told.

It was thought he had an infection and he was treated with antibiotics and vitamin K.

But his condition deteriorated suddenly during the early hours of the morning, and he died early on 12 January.

Dr Coralie Bingham, a consultant nephrologist who treated him in the renal unit before he went to A&E, said: "At the time he was admitted we had no firm evidence he was bleeding (internally).

"It was a possibility but it was not the top possibility. The symptoms fitted equally well with sepsis (blood infection)."

The coroner said that the combination of gastric erosions and the Warfarin he was taking to help with his kidney dialysis caused the bleeding from which Mr Barsciglie died.

The hospital said in a statement: "Excess anticoagulation was evident on 11 January 2010 and this required vitamin K to counteract the Warfarin, which was administered by RD&E staff.

"Mr Barsciglie' s poor physiological status caused gastric erosion.

"It was a combination of gastric erosion and Warfarin which caused the gastric haemorrhage from which he died on 12 January 2010."

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