Wallaby filmed on Devon golf course

A wallaby has been filmed in Devon after being spotted on a golf course.

The animal was seen on the green of the seventh hole of the course at Sparkwell, near Plymouth, by golfer Ricky Fice.

Mr Fice said he had mistaken it for a cat or rabbit at first but noticed as he got closer that it had "an unusually large tail".

A friend who was with Mr Fice identified the animal, which Mr Fice said "seemed quite tame".

'No chance'

Mr Fice said: "As we got closer my friend, who has been to Australia quite a few times, said straight away, 'wallaby'.

"I said, 'no chance', but it must have been, the way it was jumping around.

"It seemed quite tame. I was quite surprised.

"I thought it had escaped from the nearby [Dartmoor] zoo, but they said they hadn't lost any, and added that there were colonies of wild wallabies living around the UK."

Dartmoor Zoo's curator of animals Colin Northcott confirmed the wallaby was not one of the zoo's, but said that colonies had been seen around the country.

He said: "They're originally from captive environments and have escaped over the last few years, and they've survived. They've done extremely well to survive in our climate.

"We quite often get the odd sighting around the Devon area."

He added that such animals had also been seen on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

In May, a wallaby which was thought to be the same animal that had been seen in a woman's Dorset garden was caught in Lyme Regis town centre.

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