Exeter father squeezed baby to get her to 'shut up'

An Exeter father has admitted injuring his six-week-old baby girl when she would not go to sleep.

Exeter Magistrates' Court heard the 29-year-old man squeezed her to "shut her up", fracturing eight of her ribs.

The baby also suffered bruising to her face, head and neck during the assault in November 2010.

The man pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent and will be sentenced next month. He cannot be identified for legal reasons.

'Cracking noise'

Prosecutor Karen Ball told the court that the father was tired and stressed and was heard to tell the baby, "sleep and shut up".

She said: "He grabbed the baby around the chest and squeezed her hard. He thought he may have heard a cracking noise.

"The baby did not cry but made a whimpering sound. He knew he had done something wrong. He panicked and tried to black out what had happened."

The baby was taken to hospital the next day after other people saw the bruises and marks on her.

The magistrates sent the case to Exeter Crown court for sentencing next month and released the man on bail.

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