'Dead' drunk Tiverton driver found by local schoolboy

A woman nearly five times over the drink-drive limit was found slumped unconscious by a schoolboy who thought she was dead, a court has been told.

Alison Adcock was found in her Vauxhall Vectra, which "stank of alcohol", near her son's school in Tiverton, Devon.

The 45-year-old mother-of-two, of Coldharbour Road, Tiverton, pleaded guilty to driving and being in charge of a vehicle while over the limit.

Exeter Magistrates' Court adjourned sentencing for reports.

'Poorly' woman

Adcock, who had previously denied the charges, gave a reading of 168mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath after being arrested on 23 May - the legal limit is 35mg per 100ml.

The court was told the alarm was raised by a young pupil at Heathcoat Primary School, who told a teaching assistant: "There is a woman in a car. She looks poorly - I don't think she is breathing."

When the teaching assistant checked the car, she had to rap the window several times, increasingly hard, before Adcock came round.

The court heard that since her arrest, Adcock has admitted having a problem with alcohol and is seeking help.

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