Exeter Cathedral bells to ring Imagine

Exeter bell ringer
Image caption The bell ringers' performance will be broadcast live on the internet

Exeter Cathedral bell ringers have been practising a recital of John Lennon's anti-war song in memory of those who died in the 9/11 attacks.

The bells will play Imagine, which begins "Imagine there's no heaven", at 20:30 BST on Sunday.

It will be preceded by a peace walk from Exeter Mosque to Exeter Cathedral.

The cathedral said allowing Imagine to be pealed on the bells "does not mean we agree with the song's lyrics, but we recognise its power to make us think".

Phil Gibby of the Arts Council, which funded the bell ringing, said: "Imagine is a thought provoking project that I think will touch many people in Exeter and across the world.

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Media captionListen to Exeter Cathedral bell ringers practising Imagine

"The opportunity for young people to examine the important issues associated with 9/11 through this project is one which I believe will remain with them for many years to come."

The team of six volunteer bell ringers began rehearsing the melody on hand bells and have just graduated to the cathedral's bells.

Those who cannot attend the performance can listen live online at the Imagine Project website.

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