Window cleaner pursues Plymouth burglars

A window cleaner chased three men who tried to burgle an elderly man's home in Plymouth.

The three men had been let into the Frontfield Crescent house on Saturday claiming they were from the council and wanted to inspect the garden.

As one of the men spoke to the householder, two others went upstairs.

The offenders were disturbed by another visitor to the house and made off after being chased by a window cleaner who was working in the area, said police.

'One off'

Two of the suspects in the incident, at about 11:55 BST, were aged 18-23.

One was unshaven with jet-black hair and another was wearing a sky-blue coloured jumper.

The third man was aged about 30 with short-cut dark coloured hair and wearing a checked shirt and black trousers.

A police spokesman said: "Although this is believed to be a one off incident, residents in the locale are asked to be extra vigilant when dealing with cold callers."

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