Torquay man Anthony Shotton filmed girls in bathroom

A man secretly filmed teenage girls using his bathroom on nearly 300 occasions, a court has heard.

Anthony Shotton, 38, of Forest Road, Torquay, lured 15 and 16-year-old girls to his flat by buying them alcohol to drink at his parties.

Shotton, who claimed he had fitted the camera because some boys had caused criminal damage, was convicted of 18 counts of voyeurism.

He was sentenced to a three-year community order at Exeter Crown Court.

He was also given a life-long Sexual Offences Prevention Order and ordered to complete a sexual treatment programme.

'Worrying picture'

Judge Cottle said although none of the girls had accused Shotton of sexual assault, his interest in teenage girls was "unhealthy" and his explanation for the covert filming was "laughable".

The court heard between 15 and 25 girls would turn up at Shotton's flat for drinking parties and he himself had to call the police on several occasions when things got out of control.

On two occasions when Shotton told police there was no one in his flat, officers found fully clothed 16-year-old girls - one hiding in his bed and another in a wardrobe.

Only four of the 279 DVD recordings made by Shotton were not of teenage girls. Only 21 of the girls have been identified by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Judge Cottle said it was a "worrying picture".

"He has an unhealthy interest in teenage girls - he is in denial using them for sexual purposes," the judge added.

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