Hospital criticises Torbay street parking permit plans

Cars parked near Torbay Hospital
Image caption The proposed permit system would not guarantee a space

A south Devon hospital has criticised plans by a local council to charge for nearby on-street parking which is used by patients and some health staff.

Torbay Council is planning a permit scheme for parking along Newton Road, close to Torbay Hospital.

The council's proposal is to charge up to £250 a year for a permit. The scheme would not guarantee a space.

The hospital said it was formally objecting to the plan. The council said it needed more revenue for services.

Councillor Robert Excell, of the Conservative-led unitary authority, said: "We've had massive cuts to implement, and this is a way of getting some money for back for frontline services in transportation.

"With concessionary fares, repairing potholes; they're the sort of things we need to keep rolling.

"We need to have a way of generating funds to meet those demands."

If it went ahead, the scheme would be introduced by summer, the council said.

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