Oil burner warning for companies in Teignbridge area

Business owners in Devon who heat their premises with waste oil burners are being warned they must have permits.

Teignbridge District Council said it was cracking down on illegal oil burners following several cases of them being operated without permission.

Permits are required for safety and environmental reasons, to reduce contaminants and pollution, it said.

Councillor Kevin Lake said: "Anyone who's operating without a permit may be causing excessive pollution."

Various businesses use oil burners, although they are often found at garages, including CR Willcocks & Co in Heathfield.

Mike Ford, from the Heathfield garage, said: "I think it's quite unfair on others in the industry for some garages not to bother with a permit.

"Why should others be allowed to get away with operating burners illegally, especially when the rest of us are paying good money to keep things above board?"

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